Dionysis Tsipiras is a Santorini wedding photographer specialist in wedding photography ,next day santorini photo shoots ,personal glamour portraits in santorini with make up and styling.

He is based in mykonos with his photography is a preferred photographer for santorini.

His photo techniques are unique and is a more personalised photographer whilst he performs and utilises his psychology gifts in creating an individualised photo session custom based on the personality of his clients and requirements making them feel comfortable and part of his team as a mutual collaboration for spontaneous high end photography in the making.

His personalised photo sessions are something to be desired for making that mirror image of you when you thought no photographer was there,when you looked and felt so good he creates that
Dionysis Tsipiras is a specialist in idealic picturesque Santorini to capture your essence in santorini in his photos.

His professional team with make up and styling and equipment are No 1 for wedding photographers.